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Hello, patients! Since you’ve been utilizing this blog on a regular basis, we decided to upgrade to our own domain. You can find us at

The layout/format is almost exactly the same as it is here, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. The main difference is that we now have our very own forum!

We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to express yourselves. Many of you expressed an interest in posting on this site; now you have a place to call your own where you are free to create content. Enjoy! One Love!


Hello, patients! This is just a quick note to let you know that the Cypress Hill Phunky Feel Tips by RooR have finally arrived! You can see pics and a product description here.

In addition to the Phunky Feel Tip, we have lots of other glass pieces for your medicating pleasure:

Small Pipes

Large Pipes



We’re also offering large tubes, grinders, rolling papers, and various medicine containers i.e. glass jars and tight vacs. Happy medicating! One Love!

Hello, patients! Those who’ve had the pleasure of medicating with our new top shelf hybrid, Double Sour OG, can’t stop raving about it. This is a back cross of Sour OG x Sour OG:

Double Sour OG

Double Sour OG

Double Sour OG Close Up

Double Sour OG Close Up

The effects of this medication are very similar to that of Jane Doe. Flavorhounds will appreciate the trademark OG citrus taste. I medicated with a small amount of the Double Sour OR and found it to be extremely potent. Too potent, in fact, at least in terms of the Indica sensations.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! One Love!

Hello, patients! Normally we don’t publish any many posts in a single day, but a few of our WTer patients specifically requested images of our new top shelf Sativa, Jack Herer (1/8 limit). We always consider patient suggestions and  try to accommodate them whenever possible. So, without further ado, here’s the Hemporer’s strain:

Jack Herer

Jack Herer

Jack Herer Close Up

Jack Herer Close Up

This medication is basically a pure Sativa. As such, it’s ideal for daytime consumption. The strain gets its name from the legendary Medical Marijuana activist, Jack Herer, who passed away last year. The effects are very heady, but  not racy. I’d say this exemplifies a true Sativa.  However, I will state a word of caution. The Jack Herer is still a little wet, so those that are chiefly concerned about flavor should cure it a bit prior to smoking it. Otherwise, enjoy!

RIP Jack.

One Love!

Hello, patients! We’ve been talking about Dr. Greenthumb’s special strain for a week now, and we’ve finally got some  pics of this ultra heavy, top shelf Indica:

Dr. Greenthumb's 2.0 OG

Dr. Greenthumb's 2.0 OG

Dr. Greenthumb's 2.0  OG


Dr. Greenthumb's 2.0 OG Close Up

There you have it, folks! Wishing you all a very happy Saturday! One Love!

The Cypress Hill Phunky Feel Tip by ROOR!!!!!!!!

This is the 21st century answer to the roach clip. I’ve personally had the pleasure of medicating with this product and I’m totally in love with it. Anyone who medicates with joints will appreciate its superior functionality. These babies keep your medication in place while allowing you to smoke an entire joint. No more wasted ends! They don’t get hot while the meds are burning, so you won’t burn your lips anymore. And best of all, they keep the medication inside the paper where it belongs. You’ll never have to deal with getting pieces of your medication stuck in your mouth. I hate that! Oh, and they’re made out of genuine ROOR glass, which means they’re not going  to break on you all the time.

We’re really stoked about these and proud to offer them to our patients. They’re going to drop at Humboldt Relief on Tuesday. If you’re dead set on picking one up, please call because we’re not sure exactly when they’re going to be  delivered. Here are  some pics of the Cypress Hill Phunky Feel Tip:

Funky Feel Tip By ROOR

Classy Casing

What's Inisde the Case (Medication not included)

B Real + Phunky Feel Tip

B Real Representin!

Dr. Greenthumb Medicating

Dr. Greenthumb's Demonstration

There you have it, folks! Enjoy! One Love!

Hello, patients! Here are the results of this week’s patient lottery! Winners receive a free gram of choice and have until Friday, Feb. 18th, to collect their prize. Congrats to this week’s gold medalists! To everyone else, better luck next time!








Hello, patients! You probably noticed that we have a special going on right now featuring 3 top shelf strains. For a limited time, you’ll get a 4 gram 1/8th when you donate for the Zeus OG, Tahoe OG, or our very own HR OG:




There you have it, folks. Happy Friday! One Love!

Hello, patients! Here’s your complete weekend menu!

Top  Shelf Medications

HR Diablo
HR 23 (8th Llimit)
Double Sour OG (8th Limit)
Skywalker OG
Plain Jane
HR OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Zeus OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Tahoe OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th

Mid-level Medication

Master Church
Euphoria OG
Pre 98 Bubba
Fire OG
Bubba Church
Alien OG
Banana OG
MK Ultra
Blackberry Kush

Mid-mid-level Medication

HR Bubba

Budget Medication

Greenhouse Sweet Tooth Bubba
Greenhouse Kushage
Greenhouse Casey Jones
Greenhouse Sour Diesel
Greenhouse Bubba
Greenhouse OG
GDP X Bubba

Super Value Medication

Pine Valley
Juicy Fruit

There you have it, folks! Notice the 4 gram 8th special on 3 awesome strains!!!!!!! See you @HR. One Love!

Hello, patients! Here’s another one of our very own top shelf strains, HR Diablo. It’s very similar to the Diablo OG in that they’re both powerful Indicas:

HR Diablo

HR Diablo

HR Diablo Close Up

HR Diablo Close Up

Happy Hump Day! One Love!