Howdy folks! When we posted last week’s menu, we promised to snap a few original pics of our own, and here’s the results. We’re new at this, so bare with us. We’ll get better at this and welcome any technical suggestions you guys have as how we can improve the quality of the images.

Anyone who posts on WeedTRACKER knows that we had some of our famous Morning Wood in this past week. Unfortunately, we are actually out of this particular strain at the moment, and we feel like there’s something missing in our lives since it’s been gone.

Take a gander at these pics, and you might sympathize with us:

Here’s a close up:

And here’s an extreme close up:

Strain Information: Morning Wood is a top shelf sativa dominant hybrid. Our patients find the strain helpful for depression, anxiety, and digestive disorders. It’s an exceptionally smooth smoke and the effects can be felt within minutes of the first inhalation. OG lovers will recognize a familiar taste, with fruity undertones similar to that of Grapefruit. Morning Wood produces spacey, euphoric feelings accompanied by a mellow, but not overpowering body sensation. The strain gets its name from famed Medical Marijuana activist Woody Harrelson, which is why we say, Thanks Woody!

Hopefully we will be able to offer this wonderful medication again soon. We can’t make any promises, though, as this is a rare strain. When it is available, the suggested donation price is $50 per 1/8th. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!  Be well all!