Hello patients! Saturday is finally hear and Humboldt Relief’s got plenty of awesome medications to suit your needs. There’s been a lot of buzz about our latest top shelf offerings, and with good reason. Here’s two standout strains that are sure to cure what ails you:

Blackberry Kush:

Blackberry Kush

Sometimes Bitter Is So Sweeeeeet


Venom OG:

Venom OG

Once Biten, Never Shy


A quick note about the Venom—- the picture just doesn’t reveal its sheer density. Anyone familiar with the Morning Wood knows how thick those nugs are when you try to break them apart. Well, the Venom also displays this characteristic. These nugs are so solid, you’ll practically need a chisel to pull chunks offof it. So if you’ve been debating making the drive to Reseda today, now you know it’ll definitely be worth the trip.

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy weekend! One Love!