Hello, patients! In case you haven’t heard, Brutus OG has left the building. We hope you got a chance to visit with him during his brief stay; if not, there’s always next time. Even though Brutus is gone for the moment, there are still tons of medications to choose from at Humboldt Relief. Several patients have been impressed with the current Sativa lineup, including the top shelf Dieselberry. As far as the Mid-level strains go, the Super Silver Haze is a solid choice:

Super Silver Haze

A Classic Sativa


This medication is highly functional, so it makes a great daytime smoke. It’s surprisingly mellow for a Sativa, as is characteristic of Haze varieties. There are no racing thoughts or jitters when consuming this strain. Nevertheless, the effects are mildly energetic, creative, and sociable. The Super Silver Haze helps you stay focused and on task, which means it could work well for those with ADD or ADHD.

BTW, the Haze logo comes from the awesome NYC street artist, Eric Haze. He has a cool website, too. Check it out sometime if you’re so inclined: http://www.interhaze.com/ .

There you have it folks—-a motivating medication to get you over the hump! One Love!