Hello, patients! This is a shout out to the Man, Tapes Man that is! He wrote the following killer review of our top shelf Zeus OG strain:

As Brutus is my favorite strain of all time, I am always curious to learn about any strain touted as being like Brutus. So when poop.1 told me that he thinks it’s about as close to Brutus as you can get, I had to try some.

The beautiful look, that wonderful smell, and the fantastic taste are uncanny in their resemblance to Brutus! But what about the effect? I love Brutus because it has an indica component that hits me almost immediately upon smoking, soothing my tired muscles and relaxing my entire body. But I also love Brutus because it doesn’t knock me out, so I can enjoy the feeling I have achieved through it. Well, I have to say, Zeus OG has almost the exact same effect on me! It turns out poop.1 is exactly right. But what about a side by side comparison?

I keep at least a little of each past batch of Brutus for just such an emergency. In a one to one comparison of Brutus and Zeus OG, Brutus is actually a little bit stronger, thus staying itself as my favorite strain of all time. But if I didn’t have them both to compare, Zeus OG would be as close as I could get.

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Thanks for sharing with us, Tapes Man! You rock! *hugs*