Hello, patients! You may or may not be aware of the Los Angeles City Council’s proposed ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s going on at city hall and what you can do to help. We at Humboldt Relief encourage all of our patients to call their representatives and make their voices heard! The following information comes to us via Don Duncan of Americans for Safe Access and NNCC volunteer Resipsa:


Three LA City Council members (Perry, Parks and Smith) have made a motion to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles. This motion will be discussed in closed session on this Tuesday and could be voted on shortly.

Below is an action alert. If you could take a moment to make a short courteous call to your councilperson it may make more of a difference than you could ever imagine.

Shy? Calling after hours and leaving a message counts! Even after hours, note is taken of your interest.

Below the action alert is contact information for all of the Los Angeles City Council. If you know who your councilperson is, you can use the list to call them immediately.

from Don Duncan at ASA:

The Los Angeles City Council will meet in Closed Session on Tuesday, January 4, to discuss important changes to the city’s medical cannabis ordinance.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is calling on Angelinos to ask their representative on the City Council to support sensible, compassionate changes, and to reject a new proposal to ban patients’ collectives outright.

Take a minute to call your representative right now. It is OK to leave a message over the holiday weekend. They need to hear from you before Tuesday’s closed-door session.

You can locate your representative on the City Council by typing your home address in the box labeled “Neighborhood Resources” at The Official Web Site of The City of Los Angeles – Home or by calling (213) 473-3231.

Use this sample script to help frame your comments to the Council Member or their staff:

“I am a medical marijuana patient/supporter who lives in Los Angeles. I am calling in regards to the closed session discussion of medical marijuana at Tuesday’s meeting (agenda item #27). I want to ask the Council Member to adopt the changes in the Medical Cannabis Ordinance recommended by Judge Mohr in his Preliminary Injunction. Research and experience show that good regulations reduce crime and complaints. The City Council must reject efforts to ban legal medical marijuana collectives, and move the regulatory process forward without delay.”

Be brief and courteous. We are trying to influence the City Council – not alienate them!

Get more information on the ASA Discussion Forums Los Angeles – Support Changes, Oppose the Ban (Page 1) – Access Southern California – ASA Forum


Mailing Address for Council Members:
200 N. Spring St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti
213-473-7013 phone
213-613-0819 fax
email: councilmember.garcetti@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council President Pro Tempore Jan Perry
213-473-7009 phone
213-473-5946 fax
email: Jan.Perry@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Ed Reyes
213-473-7001 phone
213-485-8907 fax
email: councilmember.reyes@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Dennis P. Zine
213-473-7003 phone
213-485-8988 fax
email: councilmember.zine@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Tom La Bonge
213-485-3337 phone
213-624-7810 fax
email: councilmember.labonge@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Koretz
213-978-2250 fax
email: councilmember.koretz@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Tony Cardenas
213-473-7006 phone
213-847-0549 fax
email: councilmember.cardenas@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Richard Alarcon
213-847-0707 fax
email: councilmember.alarcon@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Bernard Parks
213-485-7683 fax
email: councilmember.parks@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Herb J. Wesson, Jr.
213-485-9829 fax
email: councilmember.wesson@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Bill Rosendahl
213-473-6926 fax
email: councilmember.rosendahl@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Greig Smith
213-473-6925 fax
email: councilmember.smith@lacity.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Jose Huizar
213 473-7014 phone
213-847-0680 fax
email: councilmember.huizar.org

Los Angeles City Council Member Janice Hahn
213-626-5431 fax

Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Krekorian
Office: (213) 473-7002
Fax: (213) 978-3092