Hello, patients! Mondays are always a drag, but new menu items help ease the pain. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our wonderful top shelf Sativa, Silver Cap. Sativaheads can probably guess this strain’s genetics at first glance; it’s a cross of two favorites, Super Silver Haze x SnowCap. The result of this combination is pure medicinal perfection:

Silver Cap

Silver Cap

Silver Cap Up Close

Silver Cap Close Up

This strain is everything a patient could want in a Sativa. It’s an ideal daytime smoke because it’s very functional. The effects are not racy, though the Silver Cap certainly gets your motor running. I medicated with this strain at 9pm and found myself wanting to skate! It’s not great in the flavor department, but the potency makes up for this shortcoming. One joint left me nicely medicated for 2 hours, even after eating a meal. I’d recommend this medication to patients dealing with digestive disorders, fatigue, depression, and ADHD.

Wishing you all a healthy week! One Love!