Humboldt Relief is a non-profit, pre-ICO,members only Medical Marijuana collective in compliance with Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, and all municipal codes. Humboldt Relief is located in Reseda (western San Fernando Valley) and services Medical Cannabis patients throughout the state of California. We are currently accepting new members; our membership policy is as follows: members must 21 years of age or older with a valid physician’s recommendation and proof of identification (i.e. driver’s licence or state issued ID). There is a one time only membership fee of $25 to join our collective. By paying the membership fee, patients receive access to our facilities and gain a share in the corporation. Thus, our patients are shared stakeholders and entitled to sit on our board of directors. We welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. from patients and non-members alike. For more information send us an email ( or contact us via our WeedTRACKER forum (

Physical Address:

6670 Reseda Blvd. Suite 107

Reseda, Ca 91335

Phone Number: 818-300-0020

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 10am to 8pm; Saturday 12pm to 6pm; Closed Sunday

Credit Cards Accepted