Hello, patients! Another week is upon us, and Humboldt Relief has just the thing to kick those Monday blues. If you find yourself suffering from an extreme case of the Mondays, head down to Reseda for a quick pick me up. A patient already commented on our top shelf El Diablo; here’s a picture to give you an idea as to why he’s so pleased with this medication:

El Diablo

Fiendishly Medicating


This time of year brings weather that often exacerbates joint pain, and potent Indicas such as the El Diablo strain may soothe pains associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia. For my fellow Sativa lovers, I highly recommend the mid-shelf Sour D x OG:

SourD x OG

I Come in Peace


The peace frog in the image represents the feelings this medication inspires. This is without question the best medication I’ve enjoyed since the White Widow. It’s everything I look for in a Sativa, including a rush of weightlessness.

Well, there you have it folks- two excellent choices to treat a wide variety of ailments. May everyone have a wonderful Monday (as if that’s possible). One Love!